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Anton Wisbiski

I didn’t make my money by selling courses or being some kind of guru. I made it by running a 7-figure social media agency where I’ve had the privilege of working with the biggest spiritual leaders in the world.

Everything I share is the tools and strategies I used to build my business and make my clients tens of millions of dollars over and over.

What Is Becoming CEO^2?

In Becoming CEO^2, I share the “secrets” behind my journey from sharing a bed with my mother at 21 years old because of financial hardships to building multiple seven-figure businesses before the age of 28, without a website. This isn't a story of magic or luck—it's a story of specific strategies that will grow your business, regardless of your circumstances.

Forget about having a fancy website or relying solely on marketing. While those elements have their place, they're not the driving force behind true success.

Many people emphasize the importance of mindset when it comes to achieving success. And yes, mindset matters, but what if I told you that with the right strategies, even a horrible mindset can't hold you back?

CEO^2 shares specific strategies that have helped me & my clients generate tens of millions of dollars. But it's not just about money. It's about transforming your entire business alongside your identity, aligning both for their true potential.

Here’s exactly how:

✅ How to position your business correctly so you can charge way more than you currently are

✅ How to overcome your adversity & turn your challenge into power

✅ How to align your business to your core nature (the 2 ways to scale)

✅ How to hire the key players you need to level up

✅ How to scale if you don’t want a big team

✅ The only success “shortcut” I’m aware of

✅ How to sell without outdated tactics & make more money than ever

✅ How to innovate your offer & optimize your earning potential

✅ How to increase the average transaction per client dramatically

✅ How to stop playing whack-a-mole in your business & become an owner

✅ How to work ON your business & not IN it

✅ How to effectively use relevant KPIs so you can have the proper daily focus

✅ Scientifically proven process to optimize how your brain works

If you want to scale your business to 7 figures & beyond without being trapped… this book is for you.

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